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Oscal Pad 18 Prix Algerie سعر ومواصفات تابلات oscal في الجزائر

Oscal Pad 18

Ultra-large 11-inch Display! Oscal Unveils the Latest Flagship Tablet  Pad 18 with up to 24GB RAM, 8800mAh Battery, 13 MP+13 MP Cameras, and DokeOS_P 3.0.

Recently, Oscal, an innovative tech brand, has unveiled the Oscal Pad 18- a flagship tablet with an 11-inch ultra-large display that is intended to satisfy a wide range of users' needs for efficient work, convenient study, and immersive entertainment.

So, why choose Oscal Pad 18? Details are provided below.

Pleasure for Your Eyes, Bliss for Your Grip

Despite its massive 8800mAh battery, Oscal Pad 18 remains incredibly lightweight at just 490g with a thickness of only 7.4mm.

No.1 Display Upgrades: Let the Larger Screen Show!

11-inch Display+Widevine L1+Quad-box Speakers+PC Mode+8800mAh  Battery

Oscal Pad 18 was launched with a screen size as large as 11 inches, providing a broader view for immersive entertainment, efficient work, and convenient study. For those binge-watchers, the audio-visual feast is provided with quad-box speakers and Widevine L1 support. For those workaholics, effortless multitasking is offered with a split-screen function and PC mode. For those bookworms, cozy reading is possible with three eye comfort modes and a free stylus pen. What adds to the thrill for binge-watchers, workaholics, and bookworms is its impressive 8800mAh battery with a daily usage time of up to 10 hours. 

No.2 Photography Upgrades: Let the Versatile Photography Shine! 

13 MP Front +13 MP & 2 MP Rear Cameras+Google Lens+1080P Video Taking 

Oscal Pad 18 achieves exceptional camera capabilities with impressive 13 MP on both front and rear cameras. Having video calls with pals or engaging in online meetings with coworkers can be made as clear as crystal with a 13 MP front camera. Equally remarkable is its 13 MP rear camera to handle tasks like capturing classroom notes or scanning meeting documents. Additionally, for Vlog enthusiasts, it supports shooting high-definition 1080P videos. What’s more, another intriguing feature on Pad 18 is Google Lens.


No.3 Efficiency Upgrades: Let the Powerful Performance Soar! 

Unisoc T616+ 24GB RAM+256GB ROM+1TB TF Expansion+Smart Pre-Loading

Featuring an octa-core UNISOC T616 CPU, Oscal Pad 18 promises users a whole new level of performance whether it’s for tackling graphics-intensive tasks or CPU-intensive games. Nearly twice the RAM of most tablets, Oscal Pad 18 is equipped with a whopping 24GB RAM(12+12GB), making multitasking a breeze without any lag. Also, smart pre-loading of Oscl Pad 18 helps increase the average launch speed by up to 15%. Furthermore, the 256GB of internal storage with support of up to 1TB TF expansion offers users enough room to fulfill a variety of storage needs for work, study, and entertainment.

No.4 Convenience Upgrades: Bring Convenience to Your Everyday Life!

DokeOS_P 3.0 Based on Android 13-Personality↑Convenience↑Privacy↑Smoothness↑ 

Oscal Pad 18  runs on the DokeOS_P 3.0 based on Android 13 with upgrades in personality, convenience, privacy, and smoothness. Some features like preferred language, notification permissions, and clipboard history-clearing, as well as some apps like cold room, data migration assistant, and system management, are waiting for users to explore.

Price & Availability:

From December 11th to December 15th, Oscal Pad 18 will make its global debut on AliExpress. The 8GB+256GB variant is only $149.99, and the 12GB+256GB model costs only $159.99, with discounts of up to 50%. Be one of the first 200 buyers to receive a free keyboard Now!

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